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Project Management


Sales Manager analyze your RFQ data and translate it to internal document. Quote engineer make detailed quotation accordingly.


Analyze customer tool specification and set up kick-off meetings. Create DFM and get comments from customer

Mold flow & Mold design

1> Run mold-flow to analyze potential risks and optimize mold design.

2> Make fully detailed 3D mold design based on approved DFM.

3> Set up mold design with mold designer, molding manager, toolmaker.

Mold manufacture

1> Create mold manufacture schedule sheet and update it weekly to customer.

2> Create project sheet with all mold basic information and every important steps to do. Update project sheet to customer weekly. 

Mold trials

1> Test mold with scientific molding steps and record detailed molding parameters sheet.

2> Take mold photos and videos of mold running on injection machine.

3> Create trial report with pictures of plastic parts and issues founded during trials as well as solutions. 

Mold shipment

1> Before shipment, all mold components need to be disassembled for final inspection and cleaning. 

2> Take photos of all critical parts.