JEC Mold is located in the South China Dongguan city, 40 minutes car drive to Shenzhen international airport, specialized in plastic injection mold making since 2011. We are a middle-sized tool shop with 50 people. Since the beginning of startup, we have devoted ourselves to precision mold-making business, export our high quality engineering molds worldwide. Our engineering team have been well trained with customers’ mold standards  to satisfy customer’s normal and special requirements.  
JEC Mold has been working in this industry for more than a decade, but we never stop learning. We are always learning, growing together with our customers and keeping long-term relationship as well as benefiting each of us.
Welcome everyone to visit us and apprecaite the opportunity to work with you all.

90% of our molds serve for global markets, such as Europe, American, Australia and etc. We work efficiently and keep real-time communication with customers. Response to customers is no late than 24 hours. Below is the service we provide:

1. High quality lastic injection mold making(More than 1million shots).

2. Rapid prototype mold making(cheap price and fast lead-time).

3. Precision components making(CNC, EDM machined).

4. Mold engineering(Practical MoldFlow Study, DFM Study, Full 3D mold design, Complex mold movement simulation).

5. Die Casting mold making

6. Professional mold quotation can be provided within 2 days.

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